American Carting Company is a quality conscious company. We pride ourselves at offering the best service and most appropriate dumpster size to meet your needs at the lowest possible price.


Commercial Dumpsters


We have a commercial dumpster service to meet your commercial needs.  We can help you determine the best solution for your job requirements, whether you are a contractor, builder, developer or commercial company. Please call us for a free analysis and quote.


Residential Roll Off Dumpsters


We have a residential dumpster service to meet most needs. However we do not offer weekly residential waste pickup services. Please let us help you determine the correct service and dumpster to satisfy your needs. Ordering the right service and dumpster size will save you time and money. Please call us for a free analysis and quote.


All your Dumpster needs:

We know waste management needs vary and we can determine the best dumpster solution for your:

     -  Commercial Waste

     -  Residential Waste

     -  Recycling Waste

     -  Recyclables

     -  Sustainability

Container Size:   (approximate)


L = Length   x     W= Width   x     H = Height


     10 Yard:          12.5'   x   8.0'  x   4.5'

     15 Yard:          16.0'   x   8.0'  x   4.5'

     20 Yard:          23.5'   x   8.0'  x   4.5'

     30 Yard:          23.5'   x   8.0'  x   6.5'